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Kelsey Walsh

Gymnastic Coach/ Crossfitter


MassageBook Reviews

Carlos is one of those rare practioners with an intuitive gift for his craft. He is able to find the source of muscle tension and ease into the release of fascia and muscle. His work is deep without being painful. I highly recommend Restructured Health Services. _- Susan

I've been shopping around for a massage therapist that provides more than a massage, such as cupping, rolfing, acupuncture. Carlos is very knowledgeable and friendly, and I felt that he not only provided immediate relief by way of massage, but seemed genuinely concerned for my overall health. His techniques relieved my areas of extreme tension and concern, and he found several places needing relief that I didn't even know about.

- Elise


Groupon Reviews

AMAZING! This was more what I'd call 'body work' which was exactly what I was looking for. His unusual technique literally got the muscles to release and my chronic back pain didn't come back for almost a week after the massage.

-C. D.