What is a typical Structural Integration session like?

Benefits of Structural Integration

Who benefits from Structural Integration?

 Structural Integration Dress

Patients will generally be dressed for these appointments. This will usually consist of underwear or bathing suit bottoms. For those who wish to cover the bust a cloth bandeau bra(tube top) is preferred, but a more loose fitting sports bra will work. If the client does not have a tub, they can be provided with one at the time of the session.

Acupuncture Treatment Dress

In most cases the patient should come to their appoinment with loose fitting pants and shirt. Depending on the particular reason for the visit the same dress as the Structural Integration visits may be needed.

What to expect on your Acupuncture visit?

If this is your first acupuncture visit you will have been given an electronic intake to be filled out before the appointment.

When you arrive the practitioner will sit down with you and discuss your reason for the visit today and go over the items that were filled out on the intake.

Once the intake process has finished the patient typically lays face up on the treatment table where the practitioner will take the pulse, observe the tongue and palpate the abdomen to decide the the treatment for the current appointment.

The practitioner will generally palpate different points on the body and compare to to pulse or abdomen to confirm the efficacy of the point. At this point in the treatment the practitioner will either use an acupuncture needle on the point or use a variety of other modalities included bodywork myofascial techniques, moxabustion, or other non insertive techniques. This can be repeated either the patients sides or the back.

Depending on the length of the appointment chosen the next phase of the treatment will include bodywork, herbal prescription and/or patient education by way of exercises and stretches.

At the end of your appointment the practitioner will give the patient a recommendation for future visits if needed.