What is Soma Neuromuscular Integration®

Soma Neuromuscular Integration (SNI) is a system structural rebalancing of the body’s fascial web. It is a transformative process achieved through 11-Sessions. Each session addresses a different region of the body and develops associated movement patterns. Once completed the body continues to integrate the changes that have taken place, usually progressing over a period of 6 months to a year. SNI is the most thorough and powerful modality we offer through the Soma Institute. It is the culmination of all our theories and techniques offered by the Soma Institute.

For more information on SNI please visit: www.soma-institute.org

The Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration® was developed in 1977 by Bill Williams, PhD. of Psychology and an accomplished Rolfer® who studied directly with Ida Rolf. A lens of psychology expanded the approach beyond attention to the body’s physical structure and relationship to gravity. By acknowledging body, mind and spirit as an inseparable whole, Soma supports the multidimensional human being and distinguishes SNI from other therapies.

Soma Session Breakdown

  • SESSION 1 – Getting Air

FOCUS:We work from side-lying and supine positions to free the superficial tissue surrounding the rib cage.

RESULT:Feeling of lightness and well-being, a more upright posture, and fuller, deeper breathing.

  • SESSION 2 – Finding your grounding

FOCUS:It’s all about the foundation: Lower legs and feet.

RESULT:Feeling of being firmly grounded, feet supple and responsive, increased freedom in calf muscles.

  • SESSION 3 – Open your sides and say Hello QL

FOCUS:Side-lying session from head to toe, special attention on releasing the low back and freeing the shoulder.

RESULT:Expanded breathing, greater relaxation and more immediately available energy.

  • SESSIONS 4, 5 & 6 – Deep in the "core"

FOCUS:Balance everything that pulls on the pelvis, above and below, front, sides & back.

RESULT:Better balance and freedom of movement. Walking takes a fraction of the energy typically expended.

  • SESSION 7 –Put your head back on

FOCUS:Release the muscles of the neck, face and head.

RESULT:A more softened, relaxed appearance in the face, increased self-reliance and personal power.

  • SESSIONS 8, 9 & 10 – Put it all together

FOCUS:Integrate the whole body in a new and more efficient manner.

RESULT:Less stress and more energy as the body’s structure is better aligned with gravity.


FOCUS:The arms, the movement of energy through the arms and down the back.

RESULT:Increased rotary function. Energy moving through the elbows, scapula to sacrum. Arms swing relaxed.

What is Somassage®

Somassage® is an effective tool that focuses on helping practitioners understand the basic principles of fascia and Soma Neuromuscular Integration®. Somassage is not just a technique, but a whole system of structural analysis, directional myofascial release and applied body mechanics. Somassage® can be used as a stand alone session, as a system of treatment work for injuries, and as a teaser to introduce to someone how they could feel continually after a series of Structural Integration.

Somassage® utilizes a unique system of body reading that allows the practitioner to clearly see the structural compensation patterns of each client. This information is very useful in developing specific and effective treatments that provide the most benefit to the individual. Clients are taught active movements to aid in release and integration during the session. Active movement awakens awareness in a client and can help them find ease, flow and mobility in their body.

Somassage® is a wonderful introduction to Soma Neuromuscular Integration and an important addition to one’s established Structural Integration practice. Following the completion of the Soma 11-Sessions, most clients benefit and request a continued treatment program. Somassage® is very effective for this use.