Please contact us for pricing.


Soma Neuromuscular Integration 11 session series:

2 hour session


2 hour session

General/Treatment Bodywork:

30 Minute

60 minute

90 minute 

Medical  Massage 30 minute*

*(Accepting a variety of insurance plans, please contact us to verify your insurance)

MVA bodywork appointments

(Please contact us before initial appointment as additional information will be needed before time of service)

90 min

60 min


Initial Acupuncture Appointment

60 min

Follow up Acupuncture Appointment

90 min

60 min

30 min

Medical Insurance and MVA appointments available, please contact to verify insurance, Medical Insurance Followup appointments are 30 min only.

Herbal Prescription

30 min appointments

(Herbal prescription is included with all acupuncture visits)