Hanging, the lost movement

As an avid fan of Joe Rogan I tend to listen to many of his podcasts. In a recent podcast with Steve Maxwell the renowned coach spoke of a particular protocol for shoulder health. Under the protocol the creator Dr. John Kirsch recommends hanging to release tension that builds up overtime in the shoulder.

As someone who uses their shoulders a lot as a bodyworker, I find that I tend to have shoulder issues if I am not careful with stretching and other forms of mobility and prehab.  With this I found myself gravitating towards climbing or more specifically indoor climbing or bouldering. I can say that since I have started I  have had less issues with my arms. It would seem that it causes a distraction in the joint that creates some much need space and reforming of tissue and bone in the shoulder area. The link above give a little more overview of Dr. Kirsch's book.

In the Soma series, the advent of technology has made its effect seen, and the Arms session was added to combat some of the issues that have come up in the times of desk jobs, computers and smart phones.

I would hope everyone has some good shoulder prehab in their form of strength and conditioning. I myself make sure to do a warm up to the area before work with some exercises I saw from Ido Portal, as well as a weekly shoulder stretch session as part of gymnastic bridge work from the folks at gymnasticbodies.com.

As always I tend to vear towards my particular bias of bodywork and would love to help you with any shoulder issues you have going on. Contact me today to set up a session.

I would love to hear if any of you have a particular routine you do for your shoulders or if you have tried the Dr. Kirsch protocol