It's official

As of today I am now a Certified Soma Practitioner from the Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration.

Over the last months I have been undergoing the lengthy but empowering training of learning the process and path of Structural Integration. Going through a long winding road of education I think I have finally arrived at the crossroads of a major event and milestone in my life.

About 5 or 6 years ago I started my journey into the holistic side of medicine in dealing with physical medicine. Working as Occupational Therapy Assistant I learned many different types of therapies to help clients with their issues. It was manual therapy that seemed to have a kind of calling to me. This of course was further backed up by the fact that I was also helping clients and having success in relieving pain and issues with those that I had the pleasure of working with. 

Using this passion to help others I continued to study and chose to get my license as a massage therapist. Once again I started on a journey that taught more and better ways of helping people through this form of manual physical medicine/therapy, and once again I had a calling to what I would find out was a specific type of manual therapy, Structural Integration.

SI is known by many different names and has different styles to match these names. Many have heard of some of these names. Rolfing, Hellarwork are some of the biggest. I do Soma, and starting today I am official. I have started down another path and it will probably show me knew things to continue on my quest of knowledge to learn more about the human body and how I can be of help to people with the use of hands and the knowledge to help them in a way that I think cannot be done with as much success with as little adverse effects.

Please come and experience the difference between the type of bodywork you have had in the past, I would be glad to help you on your journey of body awareness.