Results in action, My journey with SOMA

With my journey of going through Soma training coming to an end, I have truly felt the honest transformation that is going on in my body. As it can be seen in the pictures below there has been good physical change, still the work goes a lot deeper and can also have  a vast effect on the inner being as well.

I wanted to share my before and after pictures to show actual results from my personal body. After the work I can say that I feel better in my body. A lot of the pain I had in my shoulders have lessened. I haven't measured my height but it feels like have gotten taller. During the process I also decided to go ketogenic and the weight loss throughout the series can be seen as well. 

All in all I can say that the overall experience has been a very important time in my life. I feel better in my body, lighter, my performance has improved in my physical hobbies. I would highly recommend it to all I know, and this is why I believe in the power of this work.

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